CLM Industrie has implemented a sustainable development plan and constant progress is being made to achieve goals in the social and societal areas of the company:

  • Against discrimination: equality of opportunity in the workplace and in career development whatever the race, opinion, sex, age, background or sexual orientation.
  • Career opportunities for people with disabilities
  • Adherence to regulations. In particular, our work is carried out by a fully legal workforce, and all foreign nationals working for our company are fully authorised to work in France.
  • Work procedural checks, so they do not adversely affect the health of our employees, sub-contractors and users of our products.
  • Organisation aimed at guaranteeing the highest level of safety in the workplace. Our premises are clean, heated, well lit, well ventilated and have a minimum of noise.
  • A level of employee exposure to ionising rays and chemical substances as low as is reasonably possible
  • Implementation of a safety-conscious culture
  • A consious approach to precautions and initiatives to tackle environmental problems (waste control, recycling, energy-saving...)
Sustainable development and ecology

Certificate of Recognition Charter of Good Conduct (UIMM)

CLM Industrie

CLM Industrie

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