Q : The defense industry frequently needs to handle confidential information. How has CLM Industrie responded to this demand?

R : CLM Industrie, as a company, is authorized by the Military Applications Board to handle sensitive files and information concerning National Defense. The employees also possess the corresponding approvals and a safety officer has been chosen within the company...

Q : What are the technical parameters to take into account when an order is signed for a glove box?

R : CLM Industrie has within its workforce a great deal of experience in the design and manufacture of isolation units for the nuclear industry. By way of methods proven over more than 30 years, we take particular care over everything adding to the value of this specific type of product:

  • the nuclearisation of scientific or laboratory equipment
  • internal procedure integration (mechanical, physical, chemical), as the glove box is built around this procedure, and not the other war round...
  • the glove box profile definition (different technologies are used according to the application, the seal quality required, the constraints relating to radio-activity protection)
  • the workstation ergonomics for the user, whether in production or in maintenance
  • the implementation of rules or good practice relating to safety/security (earthquake, EIB, fire)
  • the quality of developed products, of qualified welding, of conduits and air-tight doors
  • the constraints relating to decontamination (case corners, containment zone, surface condition)
  • the compilation of a construction file

30 years of experience, it makes a difference!

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