Q : The name CLM Industrie is often associated with glove boxes. What other products do you develop for the nuclear industry?

R : In fact, glove boxes are some of our star products and have been for over 30 years. But did you know that they make up only 30% of our nuclear-industry product portfolio?
Essentially, as an industrial designer, we are bringing our skills to the fore every day for the big nuclear groups (EDF, AREVA, CEA, the large-scale designers...), for diverse and custom-made problems:

  • vacuum enclosures
  • kilns
  • high activity cells or enclosures
  • transport containers, storage containers
  • storage and drum racks
  • mechanical/boiler tools for production or maintenance
  • mechanical/boiler tools relating to dismantling
  • experimental systems, testing stations
  • remotely controllable systems...
  • ...

CLM Industrie, the toolbox for the major players.

Q : Why have you chosen to integrate a research team? What are the building codes used?

R : Our mechanical research team is active from pre-sale up until the final assembly on the customers site. They have a direct say in the manufacturing and assembly procedures, which allows them to come up with relevent solutions, tailored for our manufacturing resources... uselessly high-tolerance siding, uselessly tightened surface conditions which are a source of cost overrun and delays disappear, to the great benefit of high-quality workmanship, adding to the value of our materials. The company works within the following building codes and regulations: CODAP, RCC-M, EC Directives, DESP... and let's not forget the "good practices" of our industry!

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